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Customised Heritage Tours

Fully Escorted Tours of Discovery

Note: Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, all tours and travel are cancelled until further notice.

Read What Our Guests are Saying

We ask our guests to rate us on their experiences pre-trip, during the trip and on accommodation and relevance to their family interests. Our current ratings are average overall 4.8 out of 5

"Once again a fantastic journey of discovery. The Expo was very good and my time in Norfolk was fantastic. Our stay at Yaxham Mill was lovely and the day spent with Gill Blanchard was worth every penny. I think it will take me some time to absorb all that I discovered. Thanks Liz, for a wonderful 2 and a bit weeks." Vicky, NSW - WDYTYA? Live Research Trip 2013.

"This has been a whole new learning experience for me and I consider I have benefited from it immensely, I didn't have to worry about a thing, as Liz organised everything for me and looked after me the whole time. Thank you Liz" Valma, VIC - WDYTYA? Live Research Trip 2013.

"Recently I had the pleasure of Joining the England Tour with Liz Doyle from Customised Heritage tours and had the best time. I had always dreamed of going over to England to see where my Grandparents came from, but knew it would be too hard and scary on my own and that’s what put me off going. I had heard of tours you could do of this sort but couldn’t find one that fitted as well as Customised Heritage Tours did for what I wanted to do." Kerryn, VIC - England 2012 tour

"Organisation and flexibility were excellent. Liz was a resourceful and capable tour leader, as well as being warm, friendly, inclusive and full of seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm. Accommodation was generally excellent." Viv, NSW – Ireland 2011 tour

"I loved Ireland and your time put in to help me see it all was greatly appreciated. Ticked all the boxes of “must do’s” and lots of “want to do’s”, 100% happy. Riverdance was a wonderful final touch." Felicity, SA – Ireland 2011 tour

"Overall enjoyable experience, visiting my actual ancestral places was an amazing experience. Sightseeing was good especially, Cliffs of Moher, horse drawn jaunty in Killarney and the hop on hop off bus in Dublin." Rosalie, NSW – Ireland 2011 tour

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. All accommodation was good and the experience of the hospitality at The Swan, Great Easton was a highlight. To be able to walk in my ancestors footsteps was amazing and is making the anticipation of the Scotland trip even more exciting!" Vicky, NSW - England 2011 tour

"Very well organised, the itinerary was well tailored to meet the needs of all participants with the ability to fit in individual needs as they arose.

Congratulations on a great experience" - Narelle, ACT - Canberra trip March 2011

"It was ideal to participate in such a tour with expert guidance in all areas of family research. I appreciated receiving time saving ideas and so many other helpful hints. To be part of a group of like-minded people and researchers was the best place to be. Look forward to joining again at some stage." - Patricia, TAS Canberra Trip March 2011

"Very happy with the event. Liked the small number of the group, gave time for individual attention. Very friendly atmosphere but managed to impart important knowledge in concise manner. Range of facilities visited was excellent.

Congratulations on an excellent service" - Carmen, QLD Canberra trip March 2011